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Maybe you know me from the beach, church, or the dog park. Maybe you're a perfect stranger. Either way, welcome to my website! My schedule, projects, gallery, and information on purchasing or commissioning art can all be found here.

About Me

My dad taught me to draw when I was two years old and I've been at it ever since. I studied drawing, painting, ceramics, and papier mâché as part of my homeschool curriculum. As an adult I took a life drawing course... But mostly I just draw and paint, every day, all the time. I keep a small notebook and watercolor set on me to capture interesting plants, people, architecture, and scenery. Southern California is a beautiful place, I am blessed to be able to paint it!

News & Schedule

Dates and locations for upcoming events will be posted here. Currently most of my news revolves around getting this website up and running. The Murals page is finished; the Artwork page is next but I still need to scan some of the work. My recent projects are below.

Driveway Mural in Dana Point

June 2023

This mural is visible from the driveway, sidewalk, and street. There are real canna lilies growing in front of the wall, but they are very short and don't always bloom. I modeled my painted flowers off of them so that they will blend together, even if the existing flowers get taller.

Before picture Prep work After Real & painted flowers

Dog Park Sketches

June 2023

Artwork coming soon...
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